Can I send my product back?

You can always send your product back to 247industries! But please do this within 14 days. And leave the product packaging undamaged so we can sell the product again. You will get all your money back (product and shipment cost), but you have to pay for returning the product yourself. Contact us if you want to return your product, so we can help you.

Return policy

We want to keep it fair. It is possible that you buy the wrong product. With over 75.000 products we have a lot to choose from. However, in our business the status of the product packaging is very important. If the product is used or the packaging is opened or damaged it is not possible to sell the product again. We hope you realize this. Therefore, you can always return your products, but we need to be able to sell it again.

If you somehow want to return your product we will help you. But please be aware that:

  • You have to do this within 14 days
  • The product should be unused
  • The product should be in its original packaging
  • The packaging is not damaged (so please be careful when you open it!)
  • You have to pay for returning the product yourself
  • You will get all of your money back (cost of the products and the shipment cost)

We usually accept all return requests and you get a full money return. However, if we are not able to sell the product again, we hold the right to charge a stocking fee of 18% of the product price. So please keep Return Policy in mind so we can guarantee you a hassle free return.